Wednesday, 14 September 2011

How to make French Fries at Home

It was fun and easy and money saving too!!
I was coming back from my office to home and in no mood  to get down out of rickshaw to get those French fries.
So i thought why not make it at home!!
Here is the recipe I am sharing with you all

Potatoes -1/2 kg (2 persons)

Peel the potatoes
Cut the edges and make into shapes as long frenchfries.
Take a bowl ,add water and salt 
Put all the peeled potatoes into that bowl.
Keep it for some time.
Remove the water from the bowl,make sure no water left in the potatoes too.
otherwise while frying oil and water will have bad effect ;) i mean it fly on your face
then take a kadai ,add oil into it
After the oil is hot ,fry those potatoes till it become little golden.

Serve it Tomato ketchup